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9 good reasons to start a pole dance course

9 good reasons to start a pole dance course

Are you intrigued by pole dance, but don’t feel ready to take a course? Your best friend asked you to try a lesson with her, but aren’t you too convinced? To convince you, I’ve prepared a list of good reasons to start a pole dance course.

For me, September is like the beginning of a new year. Load from the holidays I come back with lots of good intentions: do more sport, improve a language, spend more time on me, take a few weekends… I’ve already made a list of all the things I’d like to do together with pole dance and between these is yoga, dance, physical theater, aerial acrobatics. But since I don’t have 24 hours a day, I always reflect for a long time and look for reasons that keep my long-term goals in mind and that can really give me something more. From these reflections the idea of ​​making a list of the reasons why starting a pole dance course could be a great idea was born.

1) You will become very strong 

The shopping bags will bring them along with another million. But do you have to be already trained to get started? No, to do pole dance you don’t have to have special physical skills or have played sports before. Someone will tell you that you must be strong or you must have done gymnastics. It is not so. As with all courses, even pole dance starts with basic lessons. You will develop the musculature needed to become strong and be able to make figures at the stake. Already having muscoletti or having a sporting past means having bonuses, something more.

2) You will be less shy

I’m not kidding. Training in coulettes and tops and bare feet gives you a wonderful feeling of freedom and confidence. Even comparing yourself with other girls helps, because regardless of the body there will be figures that will come to you and others will not.  Thing? Are you ashamed of being in coulotte and tops? But why are you not in costume if you go aquagym?  I remind you that the pole dance lessons are usually all female. There will be no males to look at you like in the pool and like in the pool there will be women of all types: big, thin, with cellulite, without cellulite, with tits and without.

3) You have always dreamed of dancing

But trying a dance course was tragic, so pole dancing could be fine. They will not teach you steps, but you will have to move around the pole. The stake is like a partner that supports you in the movement and is always there with you. You will learn to dance without even realizing it.

4) You absolutely don’t want to dance 

Very well then sign up and follow the more gymnastic lessons where you will learn the figures at the post and that’s it. No laps around the pole, no sexy movements, just pure gymnastics.

5) Your body will shape itself quickly

pole danceSay goodbye to soggy arms and welcome two beautiful, firm arms, straight shoulders from which the bags will no longer slip. The abdominals are shy you know and they will take a little longer to get out. But with the commitment you could soon see a beautiful turtle instead of the nice little rolls. Why does pole dance work? It works because with every movement you are lifting your entire weight. It works similarly to weight training in the gym. You know that area where masks dressed in unlikely vests train themselves by making verses and looking at the muscles in the mirror. Yes exactly that is the weight area of ​​the gyms and you with the pole dance it is as if you lift barbells of your weight. wuuu

6) Does the gym bore you? The pole dance will hardly do it.

Have you ever wondered why the gym is often boring? Because you don’t have a short-term goal to reach, but only a big and big one that can be reached with a lot of work. With pole dance at each lesson you test yourself with new figures to learn. The more you go on and the difficulty increases and the more you want to do. There are many small goals that you will reach in a short time and will give you great satisfaction. A tip: if you want to go to the gym as a goal, don’t lose weight. Choose smaller targets such as increasing the series of abdominals, increasing the pounds of arm weights, increasing the number of squats or the time of the race. So it will be more satisfying and you will see the improvements quickly.

7) Yes, even men can do it

If you are a man and have come to read up to here, congratulations! Know that you too can do pole dance and to convince you I will take videos of some of the biggest international pole dancers. Evgeny Greshilov , Edouard Doye , Saulo Sarmiento , Carlos Franca to name a few.

8) You will feel more sensual and sure of yourself

Even in the first lessons I said “heels no”, “sexy? but who am I, but vaaa am a trunk “,” ehm noo I want to do only sport “. If you do not like dancing or high heels do not worry, not all schools and not in all classes use heels. They are often used in the sexiest lessons like sexy pole, sexy fitness, exotic pole. Thanks to the pole I discovered a sensuality that I didn’t think I had and I’m happy about it. When I started I never thought I would dance like that at the Italian Pole Dance Conference. If you want to test yourself, take a super sexy lesson and just think about having fun.

9) You’ll feel like you’re flying

You will hover in the air by turning with the pole. You will feel that shiver turning too much, but as a child on the rides you will want to do another round. You will defy gravity and discover that what you want can be achieved.

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