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Pole dance is good for muscles, but above all for self-esteem. How I’ve changed since I started

Pole dance is good for muscles, but above all for self-esteem. How I’ve changed since I started

We are in 2009 and the company I worked for in Milan, the Holiday Inn a very prestigious hotel, closes and the big bosses propose me to go and work in Germany as a salesman for 4 hotels of the Holiday Inn Express group. I panic, but then I decide to leave: I had to have that experience. In the summer of 2010 I understand that this is not my job, I felt that I needed something else, somethingeven more varied that could give me a way to change constantly, something that I could create myself . I didn’t know what I was going to go through when I left everything and returned to Italy, but that was what I wanted. 
Returning I found work in the web world, I met pole dancing, and everything I had been up to that point was about to change.

Such as? Through a sport that I had discovered by chance watching a video, and that had incredibly attracted me. I started training , in those days he was a pole dance only with high heels, which for me, who in the wardrobe I had only a couple, was pure science fiction. But the school was my protected environment, the one where I could be the truck driver with heels, but also the one where I could experiment in culottes, tank tops and heels and rediscover myself new.

Training after training something changed in me

Pole dance is goodThe body was transformed, I felt stronger, every move made at the stake was my conquest. I felt that if I could do those crazy things, I could do anything in life. I felt good, but above all I was learning to make peace with my body. The same one I was clumsily trying to hide.

The more I felt beautiful, the more the first skirts and first heels appeared in the wardrobe . More and more I continued pole and the more these clothes were shortened: at 28 I was rediscovering a femininity that I had always considered a footprint. Much better to do the hard with comfortable clothes, and above all not to be seen too female .

Discover the body to rediscover it

Look at the others in culotte and top like me and see that they too were normal people, and in this normality they are unique and wonderful.

Friendships with other beautiful women were the trump card : there was a pure confrontation, support in reaching the figures that we so dreamed of doing, chattering before and after class, going out to be together talking … of pole dance of course .

Shortly after starting pole dance I opened my first blog, and never would have thought that after a few years I would have quit my job to dedicate myself to just that.

I was stronger, I was in the physical and I was in the mind

That strength gave me the ability to face so many challenges , to arrive at the end of the month without a euro without ever thinking of giving up, because when you start a job on your own it’s not always all pink and flowers.

This is my story in short, because I would talk about it for hours, but this is also the story of many other people who have been reborn in pole dance.

And be careful, I’m not telling you to do pole dance, but if you’ve come to read these last lines, maybe you’ve already experienced the change or maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

If the pole dance has changed you leave a comment to tell us your story

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