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Pole dance is the dance that frees women from male barriers

Pole dancingCartoon by the graphic designer Tony Baldini

In today’s society, in the context of the couple’s dance, it often happens that barriers are created between men and women due to an unbridled male-sexist who puts into practice the ancient concept of man-master. There is undoubtedly unlimited ignorance in this case, too. Sometimes, even in passions such as dance and dance, the woman finds herself in a situation of subjection to her partner: in particular, in couple dances, the lady creates a sort of dependence towards her partner precisely because at the there must be total trust in the other.

In recent years, pole dance was born, which is the only form of couple dance in which the woman must not be subjected to the commands of a man who guides her and who imposes certain barriers on her, and is born above all to motivate her to have greater confidence in the own potential.
In pole dance, the woman finally acquires great confidence in herself and in her abilities as it is not managed and “commanded” by any partner and is not overpowered by a man who guides everything. In this way, the woman undergoes beneficial effects also from the psychological point of view: becoming the absolute protagonist in the couple’s dance, she transforms herself from shadow to main subject and is able to claim the passivity that the female subjects are forced to suffer when dancing in couple and where, in the vast majority of cases, it is man who commands. The benefit is undoubtedly a kind of therapeutic cure that eliminates any kind of dependence on one’s partner.

With pole dance, the woman is completely free and autonomous, without barriers: she herself chooses the movements of her body, the times in which to move her steps and how to manage her gestures. The pole dance, therefore, represents a sort of scream of revenge by those women who, in the context of the couple’s dance, want to claim their role of autonomy and independence from man: as in everyday life, the woman assumes the role of self-guide fully managing to self-manage.

This type of dance is a demonstration of how women, even in sports, can manage themselves independently and with their own strength. With pole dance, the woman demonstrates that she has a certain strength with which she can silence all the clichés that characterize her as a servant and as completely devoted to man to succeed in life. Women with their strength, in pole dance, manage to break down these barriers of male dependency.

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